As a healer I am grateful for the wisdom that has been shared with from me from many teachings and experiences. It is especially the wisdom of the Indigenous cultures and their practices in connection with the earth that I believe is what we humans need to remember right now. Hopefully, my work can provide a respectful and inspiring doorway to that connection as an energetic medicine to support others in shifting vibrations towards the positive.

Each year, Shamanic Chic® contributes to helping preserve the wisdom of Indigenous cultures from around the world. (See my blog for this year's contribution). We work to use as many Eco-conscious products as possible and have a mindset to continue to deepen that commitment. A lot of our packaging is recycled. In addition, Shamanic Chic® Renewal is a line of products that are all re-purposed with elements of Shamanic Chic® patterns integrated into those items. Check for Renewal Items often as they are all one of a kind.

Our Purpose

Shamanic Chic® believes in doing everything we can to return to better harmony with the earth. We commit to using as many eco-conscious materials and methods as possible, such as reducing waste by reclaiming objects in our Shamanic Chic® Renewal line. Shamanic Chic® donates a percentage to the preservation of Indigenous cultures around the world.