Cratageous Douglasaii

The first metaphysical items I created over 10 (2008)  years ago were several plant & stone based scarves. At the time I was printing all my own fabrics. The concept of Wear Your Medicine became something I began to invest most of my time with. While home with kids I began to build a metaphysical library to work from.

I printed a beautiful Crateagous Scarf for myself and others for several friends shared a gallery opening of with me.

For myself, I created a “Power Heart Scarf" made from the Native Hawthorne here in my backyard in the Pacific Northwest. Cratageous douglasaii. The protective nature and energy of this healing heart plant and the vibrant colors as well as the quality of the fabric made this scarf very powerful and was an inspiration for many things in my current business. 

“Hawthorne Heart Power Scarf” – Cratageous Douglasaii Modeled by Jessica Ring of Ring Botanicals  

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