Rose Vibration

Rose is a gentle heart healer and nurturer. There is nothing like the feeling and putting your face into a yummy smelling rose. Rose Vibration is about Heart lifting medicine. The Rose leggings and 4 directions rose medicine th- shirt (coming soon) integrates the medicine of lifting your heart with the happy and gentle feeling that roses gift us.


LEFT: Pelican Flyn at Miami Gay Pride 2017 wearing Shamanic Chic® Boutique Rose Leggings.

CENTER: Usnea Lichen Leggings from Shamanic Chic® Boutique. 

RIGHT: Jessica Baker Lac. Sporting the Usnea Vibrational Leggings at the 3rd Annual Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA with Jessica Sheppard Herbalist and Hydrosol artist in Arcata, CA.

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