Shamanic Chic® Renewal

Here are some Items from the Shamanic Chic® Renewal line. A line of many items varying in all shapes and sizes that have been renewed with my visual vibrational Designs. 

Here is an example of a repurposed Hat Box – (Available in various shapes and sizes). I have repurposed them with some of my metaphysical designs. 


Each of these cabinets I have made by Renewing a drawer and cut wood pieces from beautiful pieces with historic vibrational. In addition the cabinets have been covered with various visual vibrational medicines .

The wood on the front of this cabinet came from an old grain barn that was being dismantled in aurora Oregon. It is the wood that was used for many years on the inside of the grain shoot. The soft wood of this very old plywood wore off from so may years of grain sliding over it. The result is this beautiful wood that looks like the sand after a strong undercurrent. The drawer came from the rebuilding center in Portland.

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