Wear Your Medicine

Shamanic Chic® is a local Portland company that makes products with metaphysical fabrics & patterns designed by Shamanic practitioner, herbalist & veteran digital artist damiana paternoster. The designs integrate the energetic & visual vibrational medicine of medicinal plants, animal , deities, ancestors & gemstones as visual vibrational energetics. Shamanic Chic ® strives to use Eco conscious materials & re-purposed items as much as possible in our products.

“WEAR YOUR MEDICINE” –  Shamanic Chic® Strives in  helping humans to heal our connection to the earth and to each other. Whatever medium that manifests in. The Visual Vibration of the designs are intended as vibrational medicine whether you are wearing it or in company with it . Shamanic Chic® Renewal is a division of repurposed items embellished in these patterns. For example, a Wooden Tincture Cabinet with a Lavender interior,  a custom Lamp Shade for your office with Herbal Fabrics as well as repurposed clothing with elements of vibrational medicine tied into the original design.

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