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The creation of Shamanic Chic® has been a synergistic culmination of the founder, Damiana Paternoster’s life skills, as well as her spiritual and artistic journey.

Having a love for fashion, an understanding of design and a desire to change the world energetically, the driving forces employed at Shamanic Chic® are ones that aspire to bring the wearer joy.

In fact the name Shamanic Chic® comes from Paternoster’s personal experience living a Shamanic cosmology, having been awakened into the world of spiritually centered medicine via a spontaneous Shamanic Initiation. This initiation opened her to a life deeply rooted in the idea that healing takes on many forms and that medicine can be worn.

Because of this, the CEO has an expertise in the therapeutic arts and employs design elements that give each Shamanic Chic® garment its energeticly medicinal properties and imbues the fabrics’ with unique aesthetic qualities.

Dynamic print repeats are created by referencing their metaphysical and medicinal qualities and help bring into balance energies of mindfulness, and empowerment. In order to realize this concept, Shamanic Chic® draws from a visual library that includes imagery of plants, animals, gemstones, deities and spirit guides. These images are used to build into the end product a visual and vibrational garment that can be worn to bolster a wearer’s energetic needs.

 We at Shamanic Chic® hope you find your power in every piece we design.

Welcome to the world of Shamanic Chic®, may your medicines be worn and integrated into your space.

Kindly and with Love,

The Founder
Damiana Paternoster
Shamanic Chic®



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Here are some links to some of my older work in production and exhibiting.

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Thanks to Zimm Zimmerman of Light Monkeys Photography for the great Studio Shots and all the support.

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