Chrysalis Locket
Chrysalis Locket
Chrysalis Locket

Chrysalis Locket

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Shamanic Chic worked with local jeweler Jason Chandler of the Portland Jewelry Academy & Get Sushi Designs to design this nature inspired Chrysalis Locket.
The piece was created for the FashioNxt Runway Accessories competition October 2019
Our concept was to create a locket that  was also a natural and modern interpretation
of a Chrysalis and would house several different items the wearer could switch out for
transformative medicines

The kit contains:
1. A felted ball for applying Essential Oils as an aromatic for transformation

2. A blend of essential oils whose energetics & aromatics inspire transformation

3. Bells to put inside the locket for sound healing or to use as a rattle

4. An herbal blend of plants with intention set for transformation

5. A butterfly charm as a transformation totem

6. Gemstones whose metaphysical medicine assists in transformation

Limited edition series from the FashioNXt Transformation Line Runway
Available in copper - other metals can be custom ordered